Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in the US/Canada/Australia and I know Sarah is based in the UK. Can I still work with her?

Absolutely! Sarah does most of her sessions via Skype and phone. Her normal working hours are 9am to 6pm (GMT) Monday to Friday – however, she makes a number of evening and weekend sessions available each month so that she can assist clients in different time zones.

If you’d like to know whether Sarah is available to talk at a time that suits you, just send in an email with your time zone and preferred days/times to talk, plus how soon you’d like to get started, and she’ll get back to you.

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Can I have my sessions with Sarah over email?

Yes! If you’d prefer to send Sarah your questions via email, and to receive her answers via email, just indicate that when you write in.

Email Sarah now to request it!

I don’t have a Skype account. Can you help me set one up and figure out how to use it?

No problem! We can send you instructions for getting set up on Skype. It’s quick and easy, as well as completely free. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Can I have my sessions via phone rather than Skype?

Sure! It makes no difference to your session, since Sarah uses Skype’s audio (not video) calling service. The advantage of Skype is that it’s free, and the fees quoted on this site don’t include telephone charges. However, if Skype is not an option for you, or you’d prefer to speak by phone, just let us know and we’ll work that out.

Email to request sessions via phone instead of Skype

Can we use Skype's video calling for my sessions?

Some clients prefer the “face to face” component that a video call provides, while others find they can focus on their session better without it. Connections tend to get dropped more frequently during video calls, making audio calls the more reliable option. But if you’d like to try a video call, just indicate that prior to your session.

If I book a session, when is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of booking, in order to secure your time slot.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We take payment through Paypal and this enables you to pay using either a debit or credit card, or a Paypal account.

What if I need to reschedule my session?

No problem! Just give Sarah at least 24 hours notice and we’ll find the next date that works. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are treated as paid sessions (though, at her discretion, Sarah may in exceptional circumstances waive this and reschedule).

What is your refund policy?

If you change your mind and decide to cancel your session or sessions, you’ll be entitled to a full refund (for any unused session/s) as long as you let us know via email at least 24 hours prior to the time of your upcoming session. We don’t offer refunds on sessions already taken.

If you purchased a package and decide to cancel part-way through, the sessions already taken will be charged at the full per-session rate.

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These calls are neither sold nor intended as a substitute for therapy. Sarah is not a licensed therapist, nor can she diagnose nor treat any condition. If you have specific concerns about your mental health you should always seek advice from a medical doctor or licensed therapist.

In a nutshell, working with Sarah is for you if...

…you’ve been helped by her articles and the insights she shares on the father-daughter relationship, and would like the opportunity to get her one-to-one assistance, guidance and support.

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